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We wouldn't be in business if 4 Gauge didn't give you incredible results...

And we wouldn't have so many customers coming forward to tell us how much better their workouts have become with it.

Below are 100% genuine testimonials from our customers that use 4 Gauge to support their training, and why it works so well for them.

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Ricky Costa, United States

Age: 43
Goals: Body re-composition

I’ve worked out for many years and have tried many supplements over the course of those years. In my younger days caffeine never bothered me and taking super caffeinated pre-workout supplements kept me going without problems.

As the years went on life happened and time in the gym became less frequent. Fast forward to 5 months ago and the realization that as you age the loss of muscle mass and energy is a real and sad part of life.

I start going to the gym again and try many different pre-workout products and find that there are many low quality super caffeinated products out there that have not so pleasant side effects. The one main thing I miss from the old days was a specific product no longer made that helped increase vasodilation for great pumps and I could not find a pre-workout that gave me that until I found 4 Gauge.

The list of quality ingredients shows how superior 4 Gauge is to the competition. The first time taking it brought a smile to my face. This is what I’ve been looking for.

Just enough caffeine to get you going but not feel cracked out, no rapid erratic heart beat, just laser focused on your goal.

The vasodilation is awesome! Great pumps to help get that extra rep and really push through to the next level.

I can feel the difference with 4 Gauge compared to previous products. In the short time I’ve been using 4 Gauge I can see the gains in muscle density and the ability to increase bench weight and reps. My goal is to be bigger and shredded, including 4 Gauge into my diet and workout regiment will help me achieve that goal.

Ray Traitz, United States

Goals: Improve Performance

Ray Traitz, the owner of AMRAP fitness New York talks us through his first week training with 4 Gauge.

As a competitive athlete and professional trainer you can’t get anyone with a more physically demanding job.

Finn McDonnell, United Kingdom

Age: 22
Goals: Hit the gym hard after lessons

During my work as a school teacher, I have a lot to do – planning lessons until late at night.

This usually leaves me too tired with no motivation to get in the gym.

After seeing some great reviews, I’m glad I chose 4 Gauge. It is great for getting me focused on my workout and also when I’m playing rugby.

Scott Johnstone, Canada

Age: 35
Goals: Improve body composition

I’ve tried quite a few pre-workouts but they always seem to leave me energized but without focus. I often feel too irritable to workout properly.

I tried 4 Gauge as a last attempt to find an effective supplement to improve the quality of my sessions and was really pleased with the outcome. It provided just enough of a stimulus to make me alert and full of energy, but without the jittery side effects.

Would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to boost their productivity in the gym.

Rob Wright, United Kingdom

Age: 40
Goals: Get back to fighting weight

I had tried pre-workouts in the past and find them to be frankly awful.

In fact one of the worst workouts I ever had was after one. I felt weak and lightheaded, gave up after 15 minutes.

4 Gauge I find totally different. I started using it before my boxing training, I was going straight from the office into an intense 30 minute session and I needed to get fired up fast.

I love 4 Gauge, I now use it for all my normal gym sessions too, I get a real boost of energy and focus from it and there’s no nasty crash at the end.

Great product, highly recommended.

John Chow, China

Age: 26
Goals: Muscle Gain

I’ve always been quite active, playing rugby and football at university. But I wasn’t going to the gym as much I should’ve been.

I started researching online about supplements and read about pre workouts, that’s when I came across 4 Gauge.

4 Gauge really helped get me in the gym when I’d usually be going for a nap in between Uni. I didn’t feel any energy crashes or jitters you might experience with other pre workouts. This was great for me because I had to attend rugby training and lectures at uni after my gym sessions.

Overall I was very impressed with this product. I got healthier and felt better in general after training more. I would recommend this pre workout to anyone who needs that boost to get into the gym.

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