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4 Gauge Blog : Load Up Your Guns

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The most explosive
pre-workout for women

Hitting the gym regularly but your body always looks the same? Then it's time to get the edge and call in the big guns.

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A girl's secret weapon

The fact is, most pre-workouts are formulated for men, often with high amounts of stimulants, causing you to crash quicker than a cruise missile.

4 Gauge is the secret weapon you've been looking for and the reason is simple: Smart Caffeine. This combination of Caffeine and L-Theanine means no energy crash after a workout, making 4 Gauge the pre-workout for women.

  1. Machine gun motivation
    We all lack motivation from time to time and need a little help, but using an inferior pre-workout is like bringing a water pistol to a gun fight. You need the right weapon in your arsenal if you want to push for real results - and that weapon is 4 Gauge.
  2. Look incredible
    Destroy the gym using 4 Gauge and push your body to new limits. You'll be rewarded with more muscle, less fat and a better look.
  3. High impact, low calorie
    4 Gauge contains absolutely no artificial sweetners, tastes great and is only 5 calories per serving! Train smarter and harder with no energy clashes - buy 4 Gauge now.
  4. Get a clean energy boost with 4 Gauge
    You deserve a pre-workout that delivers a power energy boost without an amplified caffeine dose or usless ingredients.
    A 4 Gauge powered training session will help you feel energized and strong, pushing your endurance to new limits.
4 Gauge - Benefits

Crush your next workout, flatten fatigue and pump more muscle with 4 gauge.

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Caffeine [150 mg] &
L-Theanine [200 mg]

Caffeine and L-Theanine make up the smart caffeine combo you need to get longer lasting energy and focus. This clever combination mean you get a clean lift and none of the harsh energy crashes seen in inferior pre-workout products.

Research suggests women are a lot more sensitive to the caffeine than men. We've included just enough in 4 Gauge to provide an effective energy hit.

Caffeine & L-Theanine
Ctiruline Malate

L-Citrulline DL-Malate [6,000 mg]

L-Citrulline is your key to unshakable endurance and unlimited power during those tough training sessions.

L-Citrulline massively boosts your nitric oxide levels, allowing more blood to pass through your vessels and deliver vital nutrients.

Not only this, studies have shown a dose of 6,000 mg is ideal to improve exercise performance - so we've packed this full dosage into a serving of 4 Gauge.

Rhodiola Rosea [100 mg]

Sometimes training feels a little more demanding than usual, so we've included Rhodiola Rosea to combat fatigue and benefit cognitive function, helping you stay in the zone.

A study on women who took Rhodiola Rosea were able to run faster than those who were given a placebo. This ingredient is your motivational workout partner, pushing you to keep going.

Rhodiola Rosea
Red beet

Red Beet [300 mg]

Red beet is nature's secret weapon for boosting overall performance, training longer and crafting the perfect female body. It's a multivitamin of nature full of vitamin C and B6, potassium as well as magnesium.

What's better, because of its vitamin C content, red beet can enhance skin health, giving you the healthy glow that every woman wants. No wonder it's used by female athletes the world over. We couldn't miss this ingredient out.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine [500 mg]

This amino acid is responsible for promoting energy and reducing fatigue. It's linked to lowering body fat too, which plays a part in tightening your feminine curves, toning muscle and helping you look your best.

We've also included Acetyl-L-Carnitine, to help you say goodbye to insufferable DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness), as it's known to alleviate muscle injury.



  • Coconut Water Powder (300 mg) – Packed full of nutrients to help you keep hydrated. It works in the same way to a sports drink, restoring electrolyte levels that may be lost during your workout.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – Included for its ability to help replenish the energy in your muscle cells, allowing you to increase your exercise performance.

What people say about 4 gauge.

Ricarda review

Ricarda, Germany

Age : 27

Goals: Improve performance

"I was fed up of wasting my money on pre workouts that made me feel jittery or itchy. I'd nearly given up on them altogether. Then I heard about 4 Gauge.
What I love about 4 Gauge is that I get a clean surge of energy with a feeling of improved strength and focus too.

I've never performed better during my high intensity training resistance training. I also now am addicted to the pump feeling it gives me.

Most pre workouts I've tried make it so I can't sleep. But 4 Gauge provides me the perfect balance of energy and focus. All this might sound too good to be true... but it's not.

In terms of the ingredients inside they're all natural. Which is crazy!

Also the taste is great. It's just got a nice sour edge and mixes well too. If it goes clumpy like all pre workouts do for me, I just use a bit of water and a fork to mix first

Overall I'd score 4 Gauge full marks. It's worth every penny to not feel unwanted side effects but still get a ridiculous edge in training. Thanks 4 Gauge!"

Michelle review

Michelle, United Kingdom

Age : 27

Goals: tone up and build strength

"I've been training for a long time and tried a million supplements for different things. Normally I use pre workouts 3 times per week. This helps me avoid crashes and still get best results from them.

Straight away I was drawn to 4 Gauge, ingredients wise it's the cleanest pre workout I've seen and it's packaging is certainly striking. No artificial sweeteners and minimal calories. 5 per serving.

What can I say, 4 Gauge blew me away. I feel so energised and powerful, but not shaky or itchy, it made me go a few extra sets in the squat rack that's for sure!

You feel like you could keep pushing the weights for hours and actually feel the muscle working. It feels incredible!

I've made some good progress on my physique and for the last few months I've only been using 4 Gauge as my pre workout.

It's helped me with both HIIT training and weight training. And even powered me through a couple of gym classes.

I'm not normally one to write reviews online. But ladies, this pre workout rocks and is now an essential part of my stack."

Why does 4 Gauge work so well for women?

When it comes to performing your absolute best, a pre-workout supplement is key, regardless of your gender.

4 Gauge is the best pre-workout supplement for women because it fits the female physiology so well.

Fed up of highly stimulated pre-workouts?

Energy doesn't need to be all jitters and interrupted sleep. Caffeine highs from standard pre-workouts can be particularly harmful and have the opposite effect of a good workout for women. 4 Gauge contains a 150 mg dose of caffeine which is effective, yet not too strong for women. To complement this, we've added L-theanine to create a clean lift and more consistent energy release.

Sticking to strict calories?

4 Gauge is only 5 calories per serving, which is great for women looking for a guilt-free pre-workout to help them cut stubborn fat.

It's also sweetened with completely natural ingredients. We've said it already, but we'll say it again - 4 Gauge is the best pre-workout for women!

Tired of the side effects?

We've made sure that every component of the 4 Gauge recipe is made up of 100% natural sources and effectively balanced. What's more, they're all prepared in FDA and cGMP certified facilities. You can rely on 4 Gauge to deliver the boost your body needs, without the worry of adverse side effects.

No more wasted workouts. It's time to take control and tap into your full potential. It's time to choose 4 Gauge.

Our 4-in-1 formula is everything a woman needs for the best workout experience and amazing results.

Are you ready to try the best
pre-workout for women?

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4 Gauge - Rack 'em up


Does 4 Gauge make you gain weight?

[A] 4 Gauge has been designed to help you dominate any training session, feel amazing and experience fantastic results. Better performance in the gym naturally equals better results. So, you can say goodbye to those unwanted wobbly bits and get the body you've always dreamed of. It's also only 5 calories per serving.


When should I take 4 Gauge?

[A] Good question! The answer to this varies from person to person. Many women take 4 Gauge at least 15 minutes before they're due to workout, while others try it 30 minutes before. Test it yourself and see how it works for you.


I'm a petite woman. Can I take 4 Gauge?

[A] Yes. Experiment with your servings, trying 1 scoop first. And if you feel that your tolerance is good, take it to the standard 2-scoop serving.


When should I take 4 Gauge?

[A] For best results,

  • Mix two level scoops of 4 Gauge powder in 350ml of water

  • Safely build up to four scoops (if you experience a tolerance or want that extra energy boost)

You have the facts. Now get the fitness with the best pre-workout for women. Order 4 Gauge today and get ready for an amazing workout.

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