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4 Gauge Blog : Load Up Your Guns

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Delivering the most effective, explosive and focused workout experience possible; 4 Gauge is the safest and strongest pre-workout on the market.


Rigorously tested and researched by fitness professionals, 4 Gauge contains only the best natural nutrients on the market that command maximum performance from both your body and brain.

  • Push harder in the gym than ever before
    Feel your central nervous system firing on all cylinders with more explosive power and enhanced endurance.
  • Look bigger, feel better
    Experience skin-splitting pumps, and satisfying size gains during training.
  • More focus, with no nasty energy crashes
    Concentrate more on your workout, without jitters or energy crashes.
  • Absolutely no artificial sweeteners
    4 Gauge is all natural and great tasting. Enjoy the fruit-blast flavor with only 5 guilt-free calories per serving!
2 Shells

The 4 in 1 pre-workout formula

When you need more ammo to kill those weights!

One Round

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Product : One Round

About 4 Gauge

It's time to blow apart your previous workouts, and change the way you train forever.

Calling upon decades of research, journals and clinical studies, 4 Gauge is considered to be the most potent, natural supplement for both physical and mental performance allowing you to work harder than ever before.

It's a game-changing 4-in-1 pre workout formula that enhances every aspect of what makes a workout great; raw strength, strong focus, long-lasting energy and intense muscle pumps.

When it comes to shotguns, you won't find anything bigger or badder than a 4 Gauge shell – now the same rule applies to pre workouts.

It's perfect for anyone who wants to see faster results in the gym, perform better at their sport – or just feel incredible while exercising.

Benefits of 4 Gauge

  1. Explosive Power
    Form a stronger connection between your body and brain to lift more weight, and build more muscle.
  2. Extended Stamina
    Train for longer and with improved endurance, helping you to be stronger for longer and be more productive during your workouts.
  3. Laser Focus
    Concentrate more on your session, fade out the rest of the world and give 110% dedication to whatever you're doing.
  4. Incredible Muscle Pumps
    Feel more blood pumping to your muscles when training. Gain size and endurance, while looking thicker and tighter at the same time.

Supplement Facts

Full Serving Size: 14 g (2 Scoops)
Serving per Container: 20
Amount per serving % Daily Value †
Calories 5
Total Carbohydrate 4g
Potassium 10 mg 0
Sodium 20 mg 0
Calcium 30 mg 0
L-Citrulline Dl-Malate 6000 mg **
Creatine Monohydrate 1000 mg **
Acetyl L-Carnitine (as Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl) 500 mg **
Red Beet (Beta Vulgaris) Root Extract 300 mg **
Coconut Water Powder 300 mg **
L-Theanine 200 mg **
Caffeine Anhydrous 150 mg **
Rhodiola Rosea (Root) Powder 100 mg **

** Daily Value Not Established
† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Other Ingredients: Dextrose, Erythritol, Natural Flavors, Xylitol, Monk Fruit Ext. (standardized to Mogrosides), Silica, Swerve® (Erythritol, Oligosaccharides, Natural Flavors).

Flavor: Fruit Blast

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer : All testimonials displayed on this website are 100% genuine. Product results will vary on an individual basis as products are intended for use in conjunction with a diet and exercise regime.

Finn McDonnell, Teacher and Rugby Player

During my work as a school teacher, I have a lot to do – planning lessons until late at night. This usually leaves me too tired with no motivation to get in the gym.

After seeing some great reviews, I'm glad I chose 4 Gauge. It is great for getting me focused on my workout and also when I'm playing rugby.

Two Rounds
Two Rounds
Ultimate Ammo Crate
Ultimate Ammo Crate