How To Fix Clumpy or Hard Pre Workout Powder

How To Fix Clumpy or Hard Pre Workout Powder

A fairly common issue with pre workout supplements is that the powder can ‘clump’ together. Ultimately, this leads people to question the products safety and effectiveness.

For this reason, we’ve put together a short article advising how to prevent your pre-workout turning clumpy – and how to fix it.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Pre-Workouts Turn Clumpy
  • How To Prevent It
  • Quick Fixes
  • Are Pre-Workouts Safe & Effective After Turning Clumpy?

Why Pre Workouts Turn Clumpy

As we mentioned, this is quite a common problem with pre workouts. But it isn’t always a bad thing.

Here’s why; as most pre workout supplements come in powder form, they contain hygrosopic ingredients (meaning they attract and hold water molecules at normal or room temperature).

As 4 Gauge only contains 100% natural ingredients (without any artificial sweeteners or flavors), this can occasionally be the cause of our pre workout solidifying. Unfortunately, one advantage that chemicals and artificial sweeteners have is being able to stay dry – but this comes at the cost of increased risk of side effects.

With all pre-workouts; if left unused for periods of time, it’s quite normal for them to turn clumpy or hard. For this reason, we’ll provide you with some tips to prevent this from happening below.


How To Prevent It

Keep the silica gel packet buried in Your 4 Gauge Container

This is the most common reason why pre workouts turn clumpy or hard. As the powdered ingredients are hygroscopic, they naturally begin to attract moisture from the air and container at room temperature.

Well, this is why 4 Gauge contains a silica gel packet; these silica gel packets prevent the powder from attracting moisture, preventing 4 Gauge from turning clumpy or going hard.

For this reason, it’s important that you don’t throw the silica gel packet away – and keep it buried in the pre workout powder at all times.

Regularly stir or shake the pre workout powder and container

Another reason why pre workouts can go clumpy or hard, is because they’re not used as frequently as protein powders or other supplements.

As a result, pre workouts can often be left sitting for periods of time – while protein powders are usually consumed multiple times per day.

Ultimately, when left sitting for longer periods, the powder in pre workout supplements are more likely to absorb moisture and turn clumpy or hard.

For this reason, it’s important to regularly stir your 4 Gauge or shake the shotgun shell container.

Keep 4 Gauge in cool, dry areas and avoid excessive heat

Although this is stated on the container, many people still leave their pre workouts in their cars overnight.

Simply put, especially in warm countries, cars can become very hot overnight. This leads to your pre workout being exposed to excessive heat – resulting in clumpy or hard powder.

Quick Fixes

Right, so we’ve given you some tips on how to prevent your pre workout from turning clumpy or going hard. However, this section is for those looking for a solution to this problem.

After testing some methods out, we’ve found the best ‘quick fixes’.

Put 4 Gauge powder into a blender

We admit this might sound strange at first. However, this is a very effective fix that only takes seconds to do.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but simply stick your clumpy or hard 4 Gauge into a blender, and blend it until it’s back to powder form.

Then you can return the powder to its shotgun shell container and experience skin-splitting muscle pumps as normal.

Break Up Your 4 Gauge With A Knife 

This is the only time we’ll advise you to stab something with a knife…

Basically, if your 4 Gauge isn’t rock solid, it can be broken up with a knife (if you don’t have a blender). Although it won’t be completely back to powder form, it’ll allow you to scoop enough 4 Gauge to be able to consume servings.

Is 4 Gauge Safe & Effective After Turning Clumpy?

Quick answer: ‘Yes’.

As we mentioned at the start, the powder in 4 Gauge can absorb moisture from the air (due to being hygroscopic). But this doesn’t affect the safety or effectiveness of these supplements at all.

The only problem would be if you can’t determine the right serving sizes; this could result in your taking an overdose of the pre workout, which could lead to jitters.

As a result, if your pre workout turns clumpy or hard, it’s important that you still judge your serving sizes correctly. But as you can safely take a ‘double serving’ of 4 Gauge, you won’t have this problem with our premium product.

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