Play 4 Gauge - Load Up Your Guns

Gainzville used to be the bro's dream – a place to hit the weights and make big gainz, without any haters.

But all that changed after Zombie Roid Monsters appeared out of nowhere...these things aren't natty like the real bros.

They fuarked up our gym, and now no-one's mirin'...

Luckily, we have 4 Gauge – an explosive pre-workout, to help you Load Up Your Guns:

Intense Muscle Pumps – Blow zombies apart with your pumped up guns.
Extended Stamina - Run around these Zombie Roid Monsters for days. No time for sleep bro.
Explosive Power – Throw some serious bombs to take down as many as possible.
Lazer Focus – Stay concentrated on your mission; saving the universe.

With the rest of the bro's infected by these experimental X-Roids, it's up to you to try and take out as many of those Zombie Roid Monsters as possible and clean up Gainzville.

At the end of each round you're gonna have to try make it past the Meat'll know these guys when you see them.

They're more jacked and more dangerous than those noobs who are normally curling in the squat rack.

We're all gonna make it brah. Good Luck.





  • Kill Zombies for points, try and survive as many rounds to score as many points as possible

Desktop Controls

  • Use ← → ↑ ↓  to move
  • Use 'A' and 'D' to shoot

Mobile Controls

  • Left Joystick Controls Player
  • Shoot Left or Right with Right Lever

Pick Ups

Shoot Zombie Roid Monsters and they might drop one of the following pick ups. You'll only get limited ammo with each of them so don't peak too soon.

  • Machine Gun Rounds - Grab yourself some machine gun ammo, due to the your fast 4 Gauge powered trigger fingers it'll somehow work in your shotgun.
  • Spread Shot - Fire 3 shots at once. Spread the hate.
  • Grenade - Get 3 grenades. Press fire and you'll tense so hard they pop out from your abs.
  • 4 Gauge - Extend your life so you can keep beating down those bad bros for longer.

Free Workout Guide

Submit and share your score after playing the game to be sent a completely free 28 Day, 4 Gauge workout guide to your inbox.

Written by professional trainers, the workout guide is suitable for anyone wanting to make major improvements in the gym.

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