Psychedelics Meet Preworkout: 4 Gauge Unexpectedly Storms the Festival Scene

4 Gauge preworkout meets psychedelics: unexpectedly gives festival lovers more energy as a preparty

A few months ago, we started getting some interesting emails from our customers regarding our preworkout, but they weren’t asking about how 4 Gauge would affect their fitness.

They weren’t asking how our pre workout would help them stay pumped, recover faster, or even perform better at the gym.

Their questions were about how our preworkout would affect their trip, their festival experience, and things like “will this help me dance my ass off?”, and “does it pair well with X,Y, & Z?”

At first we were entertained, but for months we remained incredibly confused why the sudden influx of these unexpected emails.

After several months of scratching our heads over this, and countless theories.. it suddenly clicked…

… the serotonergic system. 

A Psychedelic Connection

As psychedelic festivals tend to take people deeper into experiences that amplify their energy and enhance their perception, many have found an unexpected ally in 4 Gauge. It's being sought out here specifically, not for its muscle-pumping properties, but for its potential to provide an energy surge that synchronizes beautifully with the serotonergic psychedelic substances often part of the festival scene.

The L-theanine Effect: A Serotonin Boosting Partner

4 Gauge is a unique preworkout for a lot of reasons but one of the big reasons our customers seek us out is that we use a little thing called, "smart caffeine". It gets you very stimulated but without the crash in feel good hormones like serotonin.

L-theanine, an unassuming amino acid found commonly in green tea, often flies under the radar for most people who enjoy the feeling of caffeine. Yet, its ability to act as a serotonin regulator brings it front and center in this conversation. Festival-goers, always on the hunt for better ways to enhance their experience, are finding that L-theanine might just be the ally they didn't know they needed. 

So, why all this interest in serotonin regulation? In the grand symphony of the brain, serotonin is the conductor, steering our mood, happiness, and overall well-being. Its harmonious interaction with L-theanine offers incredible neurological support for serotonin, which obviously has a high likelihood of being drastically increased by a wide variety of substances in the festival scene.

A New Dance Partner: Sober Partying Energized

Interestingly, a section of our festival-goers have discovered a novel use for 4 Gauge: sober partying. More and more attendees are turning away from substance use and seeking natural ways to sustain their energy, keep their spirits high, and dance into the early hours of the morning. 4 Gauge has emerged as a reliable ally in this pursuit. Thanks to the 'smart caffeine' and Rhodiola in its formulation, it offers a consistent surge of feel-good energy, free of the common side-effects associated with other stimulants. This not only amplifies the party experience but also aligns with the healthier, conscious choices of many festival-goers today.

Adrenal Support Healthier Energy & Presumably Happier Tripping

4 Gauge also uses an herb called Rhodiola, an adaptogen that works wonders on the adrenal system. This may be playing a large role in the psychedelic connection as well. In the whirlwind of a festival, where sleep might be fleeting, Rhodiola can provide vital support to exhausted adrenals. Healthy adrenal function is crucial to keep the festival spirit alive and possibly prevent undesirable experiences, like bad trips, resulting from adrenal fatigue. Not to mention, it helps your body stay centered with sustained energy that tends to boost the mood a bit.

Our hopes for safety and conscious partying

In the light of this unexpected journey that 4 Gauge has taken into the festival scene, we want to reaffirm our commitment to the wellness and safety of all our customers. While we're thrilled that our product has found a unique place in the hearts of festival-goers, our primary intent remains - to support people in their pursuit of fitness & health goals and to enhance their performance in the gym.

As a fitness company, we advocate for responsible use of 4 Gauge as a preworkout supplement, and we encourage everyone to continue using our product for the purpose it was designed for: fueling workouts, boosting energy, and aiding in recovery. Stay strong, stay fit, and above all, stay safe. We appreciate your support.

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