What Does Pre Workout Do to Your Body?

What Does Pre Workout Do to Your Body?

You want to get the best from our workouts, right?

You want to maximize your energy, get the most efficient results and tear the gym apart with your strength, stamina and power.

And you know that the best way to do this is with a good-quality pre workout supplement.

But why exactly do pre workouts give you that boost and energy that ramps up the productivity of your workouts?

In this article we’ll tell you how your pre workout sends your body into overdrive. You want to know why you feel stronger and where that energy burst comes from?

Then this is a must read…

Using Pre Workout To Hit Your Goals

Pre workouts are a class of supplements designed to enhance your results in the gym. They improve athletic ability and help you perform better, whether you’re hitting the gym for some weight training or a long run.

Pre workouts help you achieve the body and results you’re after by targeting different physiological pathways.

And a good pre workout contains a specially-selected range of nutrients that help you attack the gym from all physical and mental perspectives. These range from vitamins and minerals to herbs and extracts.

Some of nutrients give you an energy boost, some increase blood flow and heart rate. Others enhance focus and drive, boost muscle pumps and take your strength to a completely new level. There’s no stone left unturned.

But exactly how do these nutrients do this? What’s the secret?

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How Does a Pre Workout Affect Your Body?

A good pre workout has you covered from all angles.

They stimulate your nervous system, helping your brain work at overdrive pace. They have a systemic, morphological effect on your vascular and muscular system too, helping you improve blood flow and get the right nutrients to the right muscles. And lastly, they provide a jump start to body to put everything in place.

In the battle against you and the gym, there’s only one winner.

Here’s a breakdown of how your pre workout works…

How Does Pre Workout Give You Energy?

If you’ve used a pre workout before you’ll know that the energy boost you get is unparalleled. And this is probably the number one reason why most athletes and bodybuilders use them.

Caffeine is one of the most rigorously-tested nutrients on the market. It is a potent, active stimulant that has been found to increase energy levels in the most robust clinical trials. It also reduces perceived muscle pain too meaning you can tolerate tougher sessions without fatigue.


Caffeine has a direct effect on your brain by inhibiting adenosine receptors – the part of the nervous system responsible for keeping you calm and drowsy.

It increases the release of catecholamines from your adrenal glands. These chemical messengers include epinephrine and norepinephrine, which both increase neural stimulation and reduce perceived feelings of pain or discomfort.

The result: an increase in energy, brain activity, alertness and drive.

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How Does a Pre Workout Make You Stronger?

One of the best ways to chart your overall progress in the gym is to see what’s happening with your strength.

Being able to lift more weight than in previous weeks shows that your nervous system is developing and you’re probably packing on muscle too.

Creatine is often added to pre workout supplements to ramp up strength. And much like caffeine, it’s one of the most clinically tested compounds available.

How does it work?

Creatine provides energy during intense exercise. It does so by increasing levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the muscles. More ATP means more immediate energy to draw upon when you’re lifting heavy or getting ready to crush a PR.

The result: Creatine increases levels of ATP meaning more energy for heavy weightlifting, speed work or power training.

How Does Your Supplement Boost Muscle Pumps?

When you workout, you need to deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles to fuel them.

And the only way you’ll get more blood to your muscles is by blood vessels getting wider – vasodilation.

And one of the most potent pre workout vasodilating nutrients is citrulline malate.


As an important amino acid, citrulline malate converts to L-arginine in your kidneys. This in turn triggers an increase in the vasodilating compound nitric oxide.

The result: Increased nutrient delivery and cell-splitting muscle pumps due to elevated nitric oxide levels.

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How Does Your Pre Workout Help You Shred Fat?

More energy from caffeine and creatine means more intense workouts. And harder workouts means more calories burned.

This alone will boost fat loss as you’re burning more excess energy.

But a good pre workout can also have a direct effect on fat loss too.


Caffeine has been found to increase fat oxidation in a number of studies. Because it increases epinephrine levels, caffeine enhances fat burning mechanisms:

  • Fatty acid utilisation
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Metabolic rate
  • Plasma glycerol levels

Not only that, citrulline has also been found to elevate levels of circulating growth hormone – a potent peptide hormone that helps you partition incoming calories into muscle rather than fat cells.

How Does a Pre Workout Enhance Focus?

There really isn’t any point in having bags of energy if you can’t channel it into your workouts effectively.

L-theanine, found in green tea, is a great pre workout ingredient as it keeps caffeine in check and funnels it into productive energy.

It provides a nootropic boost which ushers caffeine into the right receptors, helping you dial in and focus better.


It’s a combination called smart caffeine – caffeine and L-theanine.

We’ve all been there. You get a decent hit of caffeine and you feel buzzed…but also irritable and jittery. You can’t focus on your workout.

L-theanine increases levels of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. This helps to keep you calm and focused, even when you’ve got high levels of caffeine in your system.

And this in turn helps to put the brakes on any anxiety or discomfort you might get from high levels of caffeine stimulation.

The result: The L-theanine ‘Smart caffeine’ combination helps you stay focused and motivated for longer.

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